Here's Some Examples Of The Amazing Work We Do For Clients
The guys at Grow Trainer came to us in mid 2018 with a plan to launch their 1 on 1 coaching offer to personal trainers.

Before working with us, they had no experience at all in Funnels or Facebook advertising. We decided to run a webinar funnel to get calls booked for them.

The results in September this year speak for themselves, we truly hit a winner with this funnel/campaign. 
"Kevan is probably the most knowledgeable marketer we have ever came into contact with. We knew we had a good idea, but to see it come to life like it has is amazing."

~ GrowTrainer Team 
Solic Consulting offers bespoke consulting for Lawyers across the USA. They specialize in improving business processes in order to maximize productivity.

They came to us with a proven track record with clients, but no idea where to start marketing online.

Our conversion campaigns reaped great rewards in just their second month of advertising with us.
"Our first online marketing campaigns can be classed as a huge success thanks to the KPD team. The quality of leads delivered made our job of closing extremely easy."

~ Solic Consulting
Dave Smith, owner of MYBW, has numerous different digital products in the fitness niche and was looking for a way to combine them all into one high converting funnel. We came up with a strategy to do this and he is seeing great results.
"The team at KPD is extremely knowledgeable"

~ Dave Smith
Katherine Secor came to us in 2018 with an idea to build out an online coaching funnel for her brand "Coach Kat & Dr Mimi". We put together a complex strategy involving numerous moving parts in order to drive high ROAS.
"Wow. Super impressed with the knowledge of the guys at KPD"

~ Katherine Secor
The guys at Accelerate Nutra came to us in 2018 to build out an E-com funnel for their range of supplements. They have 3 main products, which we integrated into a high converting funnel with numerous up sells for high ROI.
"Amazing knowledge of the online marketing game"

~ AccelerateNutra
Kaiame Naturals has an amazing 100% Natural Deodorant that they wanted to take to the Facebook market through a high converting funnel. We implemented a free plus shipping offer on the front end, with numerous strategic up sells on the back-end.
"Awesome working with KPD Digital Media"

~ Chineng Vang
Here's How We Work...
Step 1: After you have completed an on-boarding document, we now have all of the raw materials we need to build out an entire marketing strategy for your business
Step 2: Once the strategy has been created, our team of expert designers will begin to build out a high converting sales funnel on the Clickfunnels platform. This is the basis for your campaign.
Step 3: A brilliantly designed sales Funnel means nothing if your marketing message isn't on-point. Our team of copywriters come up with the sales copy to integrate into your funnel.
Step 4: Once the funnel has been completed and tested, we build out your campaigns on Facebook including re-targeting, custom conversions, tracking etc. 
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